Google Adwords is the Pay per Click-based Google product that allows advertisers to more precisely target their chosen audience. The technology that powers AdWords allows its users to define a list of words and phrases (keywords) that act as a trigger for the PPC ad. Once triggered, AdWords displays the associated advertisements (ad copy or Adtext), effectively allowing businesses to easily target those most likely to be interested in their products or services. Google AdWords provides several advantages over other types of advertisements ,¦ (1) immediate visibility, (2) complete accountability, (3) budget flexibility, and (4) terrific analytical software to provide insight and guidance towards optimizing the business results of the campaign.

The biggest advantages of Google’s PPC program is the fact that it can net your website visitors immediately. Organic SEO may take months to generate results of significance, but a PPC ad can work for you right away. When used in coordination with an SEO strategy, Adwords can bring you visitors while you are waiting for your page to appear prominently in organic search results. Another of AdWord’s biggest benefits is that it’s entirely customizable. Users can select their keywords, and they can even choose which keywords they do not want to trigger an ad. This is invaluable to marketers who can manage the account, and constantly tweak keywords and budgets to find the magic combination of efficiency and affordability in the campaign.

With AdWords, the user controls how much to pay. The basis involves a bidding system which results in cost per click pricing and allows the user to only pay for the clicks that are received. Also, the clicks are priced according to the user’s settings, ranging from ten cents to one hundred dollars. Alternatively, marketers can opt for cost per impression pricing in content network. This will allow you to pay for how many times people see the ad, as well as target individual content websites. Regardless of which pay model you choose, you set the daily advertisement budget, which gives you complete control over the campaign. Budgets can be as low as ten dollars per day. AdWords does not require a monthly minimum or commitment from its users. The account set up fee is only $5.00.

The advertisements are user created and managed, right down to the scheduling. You decide what days, and what hours the advertisement should run. Either one or multiple ads can be targeted with one or multiple trigger words. The advertisements may also be links in into an ad network of products and websites in order to increase exposure. This option will allow the user to place ads on other sites in Google’s network, including AOL and

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