List of 10 most trusted Digital Marketing Agencies in Nigeria 2021, Online advertising Companies in Lagos, Social Media Management company and digital marketing cost in Nigeria

10 top Digital Marketing Agencies in Nigeria

List of 10 most trusted Digital Marketing Agencies in Nigeria 2021, Online advertising Companies in Lagos, Social Media Management firms, and digital marketing cost in Nigeria

Digital marketing agencies help businesses get the best out of their internet marketing and online advertisement campaign, if properly done Digital marketing is a money and time saver that can guarantee a return on investment (ROI). view digital marketing costs in Nigeria.

Aside from those listed below, there are a couple of other online advertising agencies in Nigeria that are also doing very well but ensure you do your research about them before engaging any of them.

1. Alternative adverts Ltd

Alternative Adverts Ltd is Nigeria’s and Africa’s leading Digital marketing agency, and No 1 Online advertising- Company in Nigeria.

Their ad server offers advertisers a single marketing platform to reach their targeted audience within Nigeria, Africa, worldwide, and across thousands of relevant online and mobile platforms. That is what distinguishes them from every other digital marketing agencies in Nigeria and online advertising companies.


2. Wild Fusion

Wild Fusion is another Africa’s Leading digital marketing agency with offices in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.



A Full-service Internet Advertising agency in Nigeria based in Lagos and they provide Search engine optimization (SEO), website design, social media management agency for small and medium businesses looking to attract, engage and convert their ideal prospects into customers.


4. RDM

RDM is focused on giving brands the best of what the digital world offers which resonates with its offline and online audiences.


5.Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce is also a good online advertising company in Lagos,- Just call them a melting pot interactive digital marketing business helping brands get the best fusion of tech and marketing their brands need in this fast-paced trend-driven world.


6. Gavaar

It is a 360 degree Internet Marketing firm in Lagos Nigeria, with a deep understanding of the various pieces that makes a brand tick digitally. They have in their arsenal strategies backed with state-of-the-art tools to turn your marketing efforts on the internet into real-time sales.


7.- Trader Ball

Traders ball is a Digital Marketing Agency in Lagos Nigeria, that do lots of digital marketing training in Lagos
. They have worked with lots of businesses of all size, they do well when it comes to social media marketing in Nigeria.

8. Intense

Intense is another digital media agency in Lagos that combines the elements of internet marketing to deliver superior value to customers.


9. – Bytesize Nigeria

Is a full-service digital communications agency in Nigeria; that combines consumer research, creativity, and insight to transform business.


10.- Kings Elite

Kings Elite Limited is a Lagos-based search engine optimization and social media marketing company in Lagos,- formally known as Kings Elite Enterprises, they are committed to providing excellence in client service.


If you have a major digital marketing campaign, social media campaign or in need of search engine optimization (SEO) Service, or looking for digital marketing cost in Nigeria and require my advice, Feel free to reach me on 2348140806869, 07014039333 and I will be available to assist.

The list is not exhaustive please feel free to add other digital marketing agencies in Nigeria, Online advertising Companies in Lagos or Social Media Management firms you know.

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    • Octatech
    • November 27, 2017

    OctaTech is a new generation digital agency. with certificate of incorporation number: RC: 1375455.

    We are a team of professionals passionate about the services we render. Our culture of commitments and excellent services makes us stand out from other digital firms across the globe.

    Digital Marketing Company in Nigeria

    • Ken
    • September 13, 2017

    When it comes to Digital Marketing Agencies in Nigeria always comes to mind, i learned they have won two awards this year and the latest is the “Africa’s Most Innovative Quality Digital Marketing Agency of the year 2017”

    • ayodeji famurewa
    • September 13, 2017
    • Izu
    • July 17, 2017

    Please someone should advice me, Am new in the industry i want to advertise my product but i don’t know the advertising agency i should go for Please?

    • Benson
    • April 29, 2017

    We have used them on a couple of our digital marketing campaign and they result was good, they used their online advertising platform and it was great because we can see our adverts on the websites they promised it will display and we also got result, you can find their rates on this link that was what they sent to us when we requested

    • Monica
    • April 10, 2017

    Mr Femi, i registered as an advertiser first when i did business with them and there was no regrets,because i got my desired result and it was a great pleasure working with alternative advert Ltd

    Let me help you with the link you can use in registering.

    • Femi
    • April 10, 2017

    From the above listed, and according to the annotation given, i observed that Alternative advert is the best and the lead among all, but i will like to advertise my products through alternative advert, i blatantly deal on cosmetics.
    Please, can someone give me an indispensable information on how i can go about this with alternative advert base on how they operates.

    • Blessing
    • April 10, 2017

    @Anna yea, they are good. Am one of their client the job i gave to them was excellently delivered and the price is much ok, you can give them a try.

    • Chinedu
    • April 10, 2017

    Alternative advert Ltd has been the number 1 digital marketing agency and is still the leading agency in Nigeria.
    well, I wont say that they don’t deserve it, because they are doing very well when it comes to digital marketing i can say they are the best

    • Anna
    • February 10, 2017

    Everyone is saying Alternative Advert, has any one used them? what is the price range like? What is the link? Anna

    • Adamu Abdullahi
    • February 10, 2017

    Alternative adverts is far better than the rest from my experience.

    • Anonnymous
    • February 10, 2017

    Alternative advert Limited is my first choice when it comes to online marketing.

    • Pascoo
    • February 10, 2017

    Digital marketing is indeed easy to access and has a comprehendable features, but will like to know from above listed, the one that serves as the lead

    • Glory
    • February 10, 2017

    All the top digital marketing agencies listed above are doing well, but based on my research so far, Alternative advert ltd is doing most well.

    • Prosper
    • February 10, 2017

    I want to learn digital marketing how can i go about it, does any one know any good digital marketing agency in Nigeria or lagos because i resid in lagos and it will be easy for if the location is in lagos.

    • Aliu
    • February 4, 2017

    Social media marketing agencies in Nigeria are everywhere, are there really a clear leader in the industry

    Digital marketing agencies in Nigeria on the other hand show up about 716,000 results in Google search, one become more confused as to who to patronize, especially in this internet age when most business are done on trust because I am in Abuja and my preferred online media agency might be in Lagos

    • chikas Obi
    • January 16, 2017

    Digital marketing agency can really save businesses lots of hard earned money that is because digital marketing has proven to be more effective than other medium.

    Digital marketing agency that know what they are doing can plan a very good digital marketing strategy that can drive quality traffic, that can bring about increase in sales and engagement with a product or services

    • caro
    • January 14, 2017

    Digital marketing agencies in nigeria are increasing by the day, the internet provid an ample opportunities for any with the digital marketing skills or any who have been able to undergo any digital marketing training to start a digital marketing agency with little or no capital.

    The internet marketing industry is new in Nigeria but over time it is going to become a multibillion dollars industry.

    Key into digital marketing business now if you can.

    I noticed that alternative advert offer digital marketing training which is good for those that want to learn digital marketing visit this link

    • Samuel
    • August 27, 2016

    Digital marketing is broad read this post for a better understanding

    Looking at the list above it is difficult to say which is the best but what I can say is that they have specialty and are best at those key areas of digital marketing they specialize.

    Alternative adverts for example is the best on display ads because none of other agency in the list above has an ad server, they all use Google or alternative adverts server.

    Traders’ ball and wild fusion are good on social media

    RDM and Intense are good on content marketing etc.

    • Peter
    • August 25, 2016

    Digital marketing is indeed gradually becoming the best medium to advertise goods and services.
    But which of the above listed digital marketing agency is the best?

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