Online advertising which is also known as online marketing, digital advertising, internet advertising or
web advertising, is a form of marketing which uses the internet to promote products and services to
audiences and platform users. It is one of the fastest and effective ways to tell people about your
products or services. It also provides multiple opportunities for both small and large firms to enhance
their sales in a constructive manner.
Online advertising can also be seen as a set of tools which is used for delivering promotional messages
to people worldwide, using the internet as a global marketing platform. It consists of promoting a
product, brand or service on the internet.
Online advertising helps to persuade, educate, remind and inform target customers about your brands
or products. Some online channels used to announce your new product or brand are display adverts
on networks like search advertising, Google Display Network [GDN], email marketing, organic search,
and many others.
Online advertising is an important strategy when a new product or brand is launched, however this
should often be after the launch of an online public relations which includes blogs, news sites, press
releases and other tactics to gain wide media coverage. It also helps to explain the uses of a product
and in what setting it is to be used.
Online advertising is evolving rapidly with time. Almost half of the world’s population uses the
internet and people of all age groups are connected to the web. Its main purpose is to expand
business on a large scale. It is all inclusive, affordable and easy to handle. Online advertising is an
essential part of all businesses that wants to survive. There are no limits or barriers to who can hop
onto online advertising and add it to their strategy to boost their online presence. Research also
shows that people are increasingly using the internet to seek information about products and their
prices before purchasing or making a final decision. This means as a business owner you can’t really
afford to ignore online advertising as most of your customers are researching online.
  1. Raises awareness for your business
  2. Helps target your ideal customer
  3. Global reach
  4. Cost effective
  5. Engages your customers
  6. Fast and easy
1. Raises Awareness For Your Business
Online advertising is an effective way to
raise awareness for your business. As a business owner in Nigeria ensure to use your
advert to engage potential customers with your key business messages and draw them
in to find out more about what you can offer. You have to think about the types of
messages that will draw customers to your page and also encourage them to click
through your site. If you can connect with your customers on an emotive level, then
you will soon generate more awareness and interest in your business that can help to
drive more sales.
2. Helps Target Your Ideal Customer
Once you’ve identified your ideal
customer, online advertising comes into play by giving you the option to narrow your
adverts to people that are more likely to buy. It connects you to your right customers
that is interested in buying that product or have searched related products. There are
many tools such as video ads, social ads and display ads which makes it more easy to
reach your target audience.
3. Global Reach
The internet is open to everyone which means a local, national and
even global audience is available at your fingertips. Being online allows you to be in
front of your potential customers 24/7, giving your business a huge exposure. You can
easily connect to your target customers through the internet without travelling
anywhere. As your business widens its reach on the internet, it will have more
customers and leads in future which will ensure more profits.
4. Cost Effective
One of the greatest importance of online advertising is its cost
effectiveness. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to promote your
products and services. Online advertising is inexpensive and affordable for business to
promote their brand online compared to that of traditional advertising.
5. Engages Your Customers
The internet is the best platform to keep your target
customers engaged. Ensure to plan your advertising campaigns accordingly. Do a
thorough research on your target customers and find out what type of products and
services they want and also what they think about your products.
6. Fast And Easy
Online advertising is fast and easy unlike traditional advertising.
Traditional advertising methods is too long and consumes a lot of time, but in online
advertising the minute you start your ad campaign, you start receiving qualified leads.
This allows your business to reach its goals quickly.