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Are you thinking of advertising on CNN in Nigeria or other African countries on DSTV Africa?

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And you have a lot of questions like CNN commercials 2019/2020, who advertises on CNN? CNN commercials per hour, CNN advertising contacts, how much does it cost to advertise on CNN, etc.

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The answers to your questions lie below, There are other things you need to know about TV adverts that will help you make your final decision. Let’s go……….

Just as the world is in a more global state, most of the things around us have been seen to serve other purposes. Some years back we only watch TV for fun, information, and relaxation, most people did not think of other ways to other ways to leverage this innovation.

Today, a lot of people have seen TV be one of the most effective media of promotion, a lot of people have been able to reach their target audience through this medium both potential and actual customers through TV adverts.

CNN commercials (CNN advert rates in Nigeria) will be a new edge in the world of TV adverts; most businesses are jumping right into it as fast as possible in order to get returns on investment.

The uniqueness of TV adverts from other advertising medium is the combination of sound, light and movement, the direct contact with the product or the respective service, the presentation of some persuading explanations which is of course a sign of comfort and ease to viewers.

TV adverts have proven to be very efficient and effective over time as way individuals and companies reach out to their customers with great feedback. TV adverts have been part of the growth of many businesses. Most companies include Television advertising as part of their marketing plan.

In as much as TV adverts is an effective advertising medium, it is important to study the various TV channels your target audience watch or the TV channel that has a lot of viewers to enable you to reach out to a larger audience. Advertising on the right TV channel will go a long to achieving your desired result.

Advantages of Television Advertising

Reaching a Larger Audience

TV advertising is a one-shot to reach mass audiences with a single advert spot. Watching TV is the nation’s most common leisure activity, 60 percent of consumers are likely to make a purchase after viewing an advertisement on TV compared to only slightly over 40 percent for viewing ads online or over social media.

Television advertising does the miracle of reaching a huge audience instantaneously. That is why most people look forward to partaking in Station commercials.

the widespread appeal of the TV may make consumers more interested to TV advertising compared with other media. Many audiences are interested in and attracted to creative, well-made TV advertisements.

TV adverts give you the ability to call out to your potential customers right where they are. It’s like tapping them on the shoulder and saying, “Hey, look at what I got here!”.

Television advertising is a one-shot at reaching larger audiences in a targeted fashion, in a way that consumers know and trust.

 Targeting Your Audience

Another advantage of advertising on television is the ability to target specific audiences and expand reach. Advertisers can target their audience by purchasing advert spots during TV shows their intended target audience is likely to be watching.

Most individuals or companies tend to target the particular channel their audiences watch in relation to what type of product and service and the related TV channel.

Most musicians advertise on sound city, trace, etc. most times you need to check the time your audiences are likely to be watching TV i.e. if you targeting kids, you can get a spot for Saturdays when the kids will be around or weekdays in the evening when they are back from school and will be watching cartoons.

Ability to Gather a Captive Audience

Another advantage of TV ads is a captive audience; TV ads puts your product and service in the spotlight with little or no competitor interference.

Unlike newspapers, and other media where your advert is placed alongside your competitors with the aim of reaching out to more audience because of the dynamic behavior of customers.

The use of visuals to pass a message.

Among the various advertisement media, TV advertisements are more costly to produce than other ads, promotional material on television is the most influential because consumers trust it more than other mediums.

It is ahead of any other medium because it combines both visual and audio stimulation, the combination of pictures and words is not just exciting, but it gives a more realistic view of a product than a single static photograph.

Unlike the print media where you try to use compelling words headlines and graphics to get people to read about your product and pray the read the advert and the graphic and combine them together to understand the message, you are trying to pass across.

TV ads are intrusive, capable of interrupting whatever else a viewer might be doing to watch and listen to your pitch.

TV advertisement has the ability to showcase a product, its use and explain the benefits of ownership or consumption.

Fosters emotions and empathy.

Good TV ads are more than walking, talking messages. You determine how you want your audience to react. Smile. Laugh. Cry. Take action.

You’re putting on a skit or short play of sorts for their benefit. You can make it lighthearted or even humorous, thought-provoking, or heartbreaking.

You can try to do that with print, but you can’t control how the words are read, with the proper emphasis and pause for emotion. You can put the emotion into radio, but without the visual effect, it’s just not as powerful.


DSTV is one of the biggest TV decoders with more than millions of users in Africa. Over time they have gained the loyalty of 90% of their consumers.

DSTV has shown their strength over their competitors with their outstanding services, the patronage level by customers is overwhelming.

They have shown integrity, trust; etc. which is what has kept them at the top in terms of their services.

DSTV has over 300 channels ranging from entertainment, news, discovery, etc. which sure serves the purpose of different segment of their customers, thereby creating customer satisfaction.

If you want to do TV advertisements, DSTV is sure the perfect TV platform to do that because it has the highest users among other TV platforms, and its most preferred by a lot of people, and any advert being shown on DSTV is considered trustworthy.

The reason is because of the standard they have set in place in terms of their services, and will easily gain feedback by your target audience especially if your target is those on the high side of the economy as DSTV is considered the most expensive TV platform.


The CNN marketplace Africa is second to none. CNN is a TV channel that is known for its first-hand informative services when it comes to their activities and information and it is well recognized.

CNN covers different information regarding news on current happenings in the world.

Which makes CNN one of the most visited TV channels in the world because of its informative system which has drawn a lot of people because of their avoidance of being misled by false news.

CNN has created a standard that has been active in its operative system and it has helped gain the trust of the public.

Commercials on CNN today is a big shot to your dream come true, it is not about the number of users that visit this channel but the trustworthiness that will be associated with your brand after advertising.

If you are just entering the market or already existing, a TV advert is a breakthrough.

Who advertises on CNN? The perfect answer will be anyone ready to reach a wider audience and make a huge profit from their CNN commercials.


Of course, definitely you are already thinking of having a TV advert done to boost your business. Well, you are not wrong with your thought. It’s time to get started on your journey to advertising on CNN Nigeria.

CNN advertising list is open all who wants to advertise and reach more audience.

The question is how much does it cost to advertise on CNN? The cost of advertising on CNN is dependent on the number of spots that you need for your commercial. Meanwhile to buy 50 spots on CNN Nigeria is about N4, 000,000. ($11,000)

Terms and Conditions:

Runs over a month period

Program-specific spots will not be considered as part of the package.

Rate card would apply Broadcast dates and conditions are subject to change due to breaking news

This package News bundle cannot be altered one brand per package

General terms and conditions apply Package rate based on 30” commercial

Wish you a successful journey in trying to reach your target audience through doing a TV advert.

If you want to get through to CNN advertising contacts, we can help you get through with that and help you with whatever services you want in getting you a spot on CNN.

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