Nigeria is considered the giant of Africa due to its growing Economy and its teeming population. Giving rise to opportunities and foreign investments in the country.

Many cannot the that the turn out in the Nigeria’s commerce and industry have been massive, with a good plan and execution models, may organisation can boast of a robust proceeds from their economics activities.

In fact, it is not flattering to say, that it is good doing business in Nigeria. The incessant rise in dollar against naira has made businesses suffer a setback and every business needs to strategize on reducing cost, and maximising returns. This calls for online advertisement at a reduced cost. The recent advancement in science and technology has made the whole world a global market, where sellers and buyers from all over the world can transact and do business without much hassle.


E-payment platforms, online shopping, Google Shopping, Google ads, Google My Business, amongst others were created to ease the pain of entrepreneurs and business owners in ensuring a  smooth and seamless transactions online. Small and big organisations and business uses several platforms to advertise their products and or services and give their brands a wide visibility. Facebook market place, Facebook ads, naira land, to mention but a few allows sellers put an advertisement online and derive an wholesome return on investment, though some of these advertisement might require payment of tokens to push.


Quite a number of e commerce platforms have been created to salvage payment of high budget fees for online advertisement. Various online sites like JIJI, MOBOFREE Market,, DELON Market, naira land, O-List; 1kmarketplace allows sellers advertise their products on their platform for free. This comes with benefit of product optimization to reach a wide potential buyers and thereafter good sales with no advertisement cost.


Google My Business allows sellers advertise their products online by downloading the App and following few steps to get verified on the Google map. The business can be easily found online when her products are being searched online. This gives the seller an edge above other sellers from the same category.



This site also allows free advertisement with a niche of allowing Buying, Selling and swapping of products.

  1. COM.NG

This is a high traffic website for the advertisement of products and services with an option of enjoying free package for a limited period and limited products allowed for display.

  1. O-LIST

This is a foremost e-commerce platform in Nigeria allowing potential buyers meet a large number of sellers with varying products and services, giving rise to good patronage and traffic to the site as well.


Records show that Facebook has billions of Users. It can be considered as one of the better free high traffic advertising sites for businesses.

  1. OODLE

This site allows organisations to link up their account with the company’s Facebook page and can post an update immediately when you run a Facebook ad.

  1. EBay

EBay is the ecommerce platform to consider if your products are to be supplied to customers in foreign markets.


This an ecommerce platform that allows sellers meet their buyers and record tremendous sale with no fee charge for at least two weeks of advertising their products.

  1. COM

This site is specially created for the autos. It is a platform for advertising and promoting cars sale.

These and more are sites that enhance online market systems in Nigeria by giving sellers a market opportunity with no payment commitment made for advertisement.

These sites also rank among the top performing ecommerce platforms that allows free advertisement.

  • com
  • Delon Market
  • Nairaland
  • Postwanga Nigeria
  • ng
  • ng amongst others.


  • Online advertisements works all day, all hour and seconds. You can make sales when you are right in bed. So you don’t need to check your products frequently like a shop to record sales.
  • Online marketing is BORDERLESS; YOU CAN REACH your customers from any part of the world. It makes your brand Global.
  • Not only is it cheap to begin with, but you can generate leads for a very low cost as it would take with traditional advertising such as television or radio.

It’s highly cost effective.

  • It’s for everyone. There is no minimum amount that is required for you to begin an online marketing campaign.
  • Another great advantage of online marketing is that it takes very little time set up a campaign. It can be done without being assigned to a professional in a matter minutes.
  • Achieve more results with less input. More targets can be set, more tasks achieved with less staff as marketing agents.
  • Online advertisement gives you different online campaign options for your business. There are no one-size-fits all approach.
  • There are more people online today researching about what to buy. So you need to be online to get good returns.


To design a high-performing website, you need to understand who your target audience is and what the best way to reach it is.

Basically, an e-commerce website is of two types

  • Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

Both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-commerce websites works towards the same goal — make a sale.

But the means towards achieving the set goal are different.

  • For B2C companies their brand awareness is of utmost priority. A recognizable brand with strong online presence will surely results to a higher share of the total addressable market.
  • While the B2B companies’ top priority is lead generation. With a niche market and stronger purchase cycles, B2B brands will surely need to keep a steady pipeline of warm leads.