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Mobile app development companies in Nigeria and the cost of mobile app development in Nigeria (IOS App and Android app developer)

As one of the leading Mobile app development companies in Lagos Nigeria, We develop all kinds of Android and IOS apps, from games to a business app like Restaurant app, Taxi app, Booking App, Betting App, tracking app, Data saving app, Classified website app, e-commerce app, Loan App, finance app, etc.

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 Mobile app development companies Nigeria

Android Mobile App Development

– We develop mobile apps for android-based smartphones and tablets. Clients can get a complete customized android app from us.

iPhone App Development

– We provide services to develop engaging and elegant iPhone apps ensuring your business is more lucrative and also promotes performances.

We prove to be one of the best mobile app development companies in Nigeria based in Lagos, as we have experts in our team to create an easy to use iPhone applications.

IPad Mobile App Development

Just like the Android app, we ensure that our iPhone app are compatible with IPads devices. We go extra miles to bring your idea into reality within your given time.

Benefits of approaching us

We have a background in digital marketing and understand that a well-developed and high-quality mobile app will save you millions in an advertisement.

We are offering not only a cost-effective approach but also ensure success to provide the correct approach with regard to mobile application development.

Our team of web developers and designers and mobile app developers present a combination of innovative ideas meeting the advanced technology to provide the best solutions.

What you will get if you make us your IOS App and Android app developer

Fast Results

– We develop mobile apps assuring Fast Results. It is essential now to stay ahead in a competitive market and also to promote the profitability of overall business.


– Moreover, We offer a precision work approach and give regular updates and feedback relating to the client’s project status through emails, skype, video conferences, reports, etc.

Super High Quality

– The apps that we create are tested at every stage to know the improvements required are undertaken properly. Thus we ensure offering super high-quality mobile apps development services.

Business Value

– As an IOS App and Android app developer, we offer a customer-centric approach in association with multiple features meeting your specific requirements.

The advantage of working with us as top Mobile app development companies in Nigeria, our working methodology has creative thinking coupled with experience enabling specialists to create apps that provide results to clients.

Reasons to develop IOS App and Android app

Over time the technological development has grown very wide in the world and one of the most effective developmental changes is SMARTPHONE, the use of smartphones has been seen over time to be an innovational tool for all individuals.

The telecommunication space is one sector that has millions of telephone users monthly. The number of smartphone users in Nigeria estimates at roughly 25 and 40 million and still counting.

However, there is a strong growth outlook for the world smartphone market with user numbers to at least triple within the next five to six years.

One of the most underlying functions of a smartphone in this technological era is the interaction between businesses and customers with the use of MOBILE APP.

Mobile apps are designed to perform specific tasks or achieve a particular goal. With mobile apps, the time-consuming tasks can easily be handle with limited human efforts, and with the popularity of mobile apps, goods and services are at a fingertip.

Some mobile apps are designed to utilize features of a mobile device like GPS, phone calls, camera, contact list, compass, etc. Depending on the specific tasks the app is meant to perform.

When such device features are used within an app, it can help make the user experience fun and interactive.


The importance of mobile apps in today’s world, with the rapid growth in technology, mobile phones have become a vital part of the life of every human.

The core function of a mobile phone is being telecommunication but with the invention of mobile apps, a lot of things have been made possible which was never imagined in the past years. each person today owns their own mobile phones.

The main advantage of mobile phones is its portability, you can carry it wherever you go.  The services that mobile apps and smartphone provide are plenty ranging from different types of businesses, some of which include:

Online shopping: Online shopping is the new order of the day as people desire a lot of things ranging from clothes to gadgets, accessories, and raw materials and they want to get it at a comfortable state without visiting shopping malls.

With a mobile app, Customers can view, search, and buy their favorite commodity.

Food delivery and taxi service apps: a lot of people don’t have time to cook food at home don’t worry! With an app installed, you would get your preferred meal from your favorite restaurant which would be delivered at your doorstep at reasonable rates.

If you need means transportation with full comfortability the Mobile apps today have provided their customers with taxi services at reasonable rates too.

Banking services: banking has been made easy with the use of banking apps that provide their customers with numerous banking services like transfer money without the barrier of time and distance, view account balance, etc..

 E-tickets: The mobile app has made it easy to check the availability of seats and book tickets for your movie, bus, train, and airplane.

There are separate apps defined for each service and you don’t need to carry any hard copy tickets anymore. Your tickets will be in the form of an email or a text message.

Educational Apps: An educational app provides students with online classes on specific topics and conduct tests etc. Depending on the client’s requirements,

A very good Mobile app development company can come up with a user-friendly mobile app, which can serve the client purpose of developing the app.

There are other apps that serve different purposes depending on the service.


Businesses from all corners of the world, offering a various range of products, have begun migrating to the online space with the use of a mobile app.

Most people will say Our business doesn’t need a mobile app to sell products to our loyal customers!

Well, that is in the past. But to enjoy the present benefits, you’ll need a mobile app.


Provision of extra Value to Your Customers

Businesses are all about providing values and get paid for the value in return. Your Business offers a product or service, and your customers/clients pay for the same?

But, you need to create engagement with your customers to encourage more of these payments.

You want to increase customer’s interaction with your business to promote sales, of course, but you also want to provide a level of value for your customers to make them keep coming.

One way to achieve this is to create a loyalty program within your app. It would work like this:

The more customers interact with your business and product, the more points they collect or discount they will get, which can in turn be used for great deals on the products they already know they want.

You can even allow your users to pay directly from the app, speeding up the whole transaction process.

If you already have a reward/discount program in place – great.

You can incorporate it into your mobile app, digitizing the entire process, making data on their purchases available to you instantly.

If you don’t have one, get on it, fast.

And when your customers see their points adding up in real-time (rather than having to send in points in the mail or wait until they can access your website to enter them manually), they’ll be impressed and more enticed to follow up on their purchases in the future.

 Develop a Stronger Brand

One of the most important of the mobile app is to create a regular interaction with your target market thereby fostering trust.

the mobile app offers awareness of and communication with your brand to consumers.

The more your audience trusts you, the more likely they’ll listen to later sales pitches and even commit to your brand. With an app, you’ll show to your users why they should trust you by showing what your brand stands for.

mobile apps strengthen your brand and educate your customers.

That’s why so many businesses across all the major sectors are developing strategies for mobile apps. This is more than you can shake a stick at. Everyone is getting on board.

Create  Better Connection with Customers

Customer service has moved passes the face to face communication between smiling sales associates and customers.

With over 2.6 billion people that have mobile devices within arm’s reach at all times, what another customer service is better than mobile apps.

With a good mobile presence, you’ll always know when to re-innovate and presenting to the customer/client what they want to see, an interface geared specifically to provide them with the best user experience of exploring and deciding whether they want to buy your product or engage your services.

In fact, the vast majority of marketers see their apps as a means to primarily improve customer service.

With a mobile app, your business is always with your customer. It helps the customer access any information at any time of the day and when a thought pops into their head to buy your product they can do it immediately, without having to wait for regular business hours.

If raising customer satisfaction across the board is your intention then the mobile app is the answer.

 Increases  Profits

When customer satisfaction increases, sales automatically do too. buying experiences are influenced by how customers feel they’re being treated.

The more interested and satisfied people become with your product and your business, the higher the consumer demand. if you have a product your customers can’t wait to get their hands on, that demand is going to provide you with some serious returns.

That’s where the mobile app comes in handy. But it’s important to keep costs low while you’re developing it.

Your business website has to be mobile friendly and can adapt to any of the various mobile devices. A mobile-friendly website eliminates the frustrating some users have when navigating some site, secondary.

If you launch a mobile app in addition to your responsive website, you’ll boost sales while enhancing the customer experience.

mobile app encourages more purchases while making it easier and more exciting for your customers to press the “buy” button, if you do not have that then you’re missing out on an opportunity to partake in an ever-growing market.

Alert  users of new products and offers

With a mobile app that serves as a handy tool for customers to easily access your business, is also the easiest way to alert your customers about a new product and offers to make them anticipate or even pre-order at a lesser price.

Competitive Edge

Most businesses are still playing around the website which is good but you do not know how it appears on your customer’s mobile phones and their phones vary and they might not be able to have access to some features.

which makes it difficult and you might push them to your competitors who offer a more comfortable user experience i.e mobile app. With a mobile app integrated into your business, you are on a competitive edge.

Target  younger demographics

Statistics have shown that the highest users of smartphones are the younger demographics which makes it easy for you who have these younger demographics as your target audience.

You will be strategically failing if you do not incorporate a mobile app.

With a mobile app, you can get analytics on exactly how people interact with your app.

These range from the average time a user spends looking at your app, to the amount of money you make from every purchase.

With a mobile app, you could learn when and where people were purchasing your products most often, or which parts of the world are most interested in your business.

When you make a decision to develop you’re a mobile app for your business or projects, it may sometimes start out as simply converting your available company website to a mobile app.

But it will also have room to evolve into so much more.

In no time you might even rely on data provided by your mobile app to inform you as to the new directions you can take your business to in the near future.

A mobile app is a sure way of securing a strong presence in your industry.

Instead of your customers perceiving you to be some abstract concept of a brand, that they imagine has a headquarters in someplace, you’ll be right in their pockets.

Your logo will be placed on their mobile phone screens by default. Just make sure you promote your app after it launches.

To be able to have access to the convenience factor with the undeniably cool element of new, rapidly evolving technology will place your business at the forefront of your industry you need a mobile app development company.


One of the major aims of a mobile app is to create an engagement platform between your business and your customers.

which will increase sales thereby including various touchpoints on the customer journey and it will further make your objective to be achieved.

Behind a mobile app, lies a lot of ideas and imagination and you need a mobile app developer to be able to interpret those ideas of yours to meet your objective.

Not all IOS app and Android app developers can do this so you need the best mobile app developer or top mobile app developer or a mobile app development company to help achieve your vision.

We as one of the best mobile app developers in Nigeria, we know how to provide an engaging mobile app to help you achieve your dreams.

We are not just one of the mobile app development companies we are the best mobile app development company in Lagos and also the best mobile app development company in Nigeria.

We merge your vision with creativity to provide you with an innovation that serves your customers with the perfect user-friendly engaging mobile app that serves your need at the same time.

We integrate new and trending features that are adaptable to your target audience in order to give your mobile app a competitive edge as well as create the perfect engagement platform for your users.

With your mobile app developed, you are set to achieve your goal.

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