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Reach your Customers online on multiple websites/blogs.

Using our cost effective online advertising platforms in Nigeria, you would be able to reach your prospective customers/clients precisely, on the major Newspaper websites and top blogs in Nigeria and beyond.

All adverts placed on our platform displays on over 10,000 websites simultaneously.



If you are looking for Online advertising agencies in Nigeria or Africa in general, look no further because with our platform you will be able to reach several millions of your target customers/clients online, with your products and services at an affordable price. You can setup pay per click (PPC) or CPM campaign using banner ads, Text ads and Video Ads, served on our Adserver and partner websitesClick here to register or SIGN IN


As one of the leading Ad Tech company in Africa we have provided you the opportunity to boost your income from your website or blog as a publisher on our portal. You can display text ads, banner ads and Video ads which are most relevant to your site content and earn revenue from clicks and impressions you receive on ads displayed on your pages. You can also filter out advertisements of your competitors. Click here to REGISTER or Click here to SIGN IN

Leading Digital marketing agency in Lagos Nigeria

Attract and convert more customers with one high-performance contextual advertising networks in Africa
Site Targeting

Our Platform is a fully transparent. You can target specific newspaper websites & blogs sites that convert best with your Product e.g Business, Technology, Politics, News, Sport, Fashion etc.

Device Targeting

Users are using a plethora of connected devices to navigate online. Target specific devices that convert better for your products. You can target users based on devices like desktop, mobile devices, tablets etc.


Geo-targeting enables you target users based on specific geographic location. You can target users by country of resident and it helps to narrow your campaign to precise audience in a given location using radius targeting.


Select the exact times of the day within the week when you want your campaigns to run and in which time-zone!

Frequency/Budget Capping

Limit the exposure of your campaigns to unique users. And also limit your daily spending.


Target specific website visitors with ads tailored to their level of interest. Retargeting allows you to follow up with your best prospects.

Control and Transparency

Our Top Clients

Over 5,000 brands across 50 countries trust us because we have great customer support team that provides near 24/7 support.


Grow your business using the proven internet marketing strategy and tools

There is a saying that "Any business that stop advertising starts dying" that is the reason businesses constantly need a way to reach their potential customers online, either to sell their products and service or create awareness and remain relevant and top of mind. As the leading Digital marketing agency in Lagos, we help businesses develop digital and social media marketing strategies that will guarantee return on investment. Our other service includes Social media marketing, digital marketing training, Search Engine optimization (SEO), Website development, mobile app development, Mobile Marketing, bulk SMS, Voice SMS etc.

Ad Technology

Digital is no longer the future. Digital is NOW. We are adept at combining the elements of internet marketing to deliver superior value to your customers and turn them into advocates of your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Your target audience are active online on various social media platforms, it is time to reach out, and convert them into paying customers. If you don’t act, your competitors will.

Creative Design

Design is creativity with strategy. Design is the key to everything. We create complete products that rejuvenate your brands image. Good design equals more profits for your business..

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