Lists of companies in Nigeria and email address of companies in Lagos
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Over the past few months we have been able to put together the most comprehensive and best email categories and GSM phone numbers of individuals and companies in Nigeria, to help you cut costs on an advertisement and reach the right audience, the list includes;

list of Email addresses of companies in Lagos

List of the email addresses of companies in Nigeria

list of manufacturing companies in Lagos

list of companies in Victoria Island Lagos

list of companies in Lagos and their email addresses etc.

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Other Nigeria cell phone numbers and email addresses are below contents, Email, Number, Company name, etc.

  1. 10,000 Engineering firms in Nigeria = N8,000.00.
  2. 1,850 Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria = N5,000.00.
  3. 2,750 Hospitality and Travel & Tour in Nigeria = N5,000.00.
  4. 2,850 Healthcare providers in Nigeria = N5,000.00
  5. 3,000 Advertising firms in Nigeria = N5,000.00
  6. 3,000 Printing & Publishing in Nigeria = N5,000.00
  7. 3,600 AutoTrade in Nigeria = N5, 000.00
  8. 3,800 Retail, Wholesale & Trade in Nigeria = N5,000.00
  9. 4,000 Education service providers in Nigeria = N6,000.00.
  10. 5,000 Construction firms in Nigeria = N8,000.00.
  11. 5,000 Technology & ICT in Nigeria = N8,000.00
  12. 131,000 SME’s Contacts, Email, Number, Company name, Address, etc = N80,000
  13. 22,000 Gsm/Email Lagos Execs- = N25, 000

Database of email alone

  • 100,000 Top Business and Organizations = N40, 000
  • 100,000 Lagos Contacts = N35, 000
  • 300,000 Top E-commerce Customers = N70, 000
  • 100,000 Top bank customers = N35, 000
  • 14,000 High connected individual and corporate organizations in Nigeria = N25,000
  • 300,000 Lagos students email addresses = N50, 000
  • 65,536 Nigerian Emails nationwide = N15, 000
  • 2,000 Top bankers emails = N5, 000
  • 160,000 email High profile individuals, HR professionals = N70,000

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GSM Phone number Database (Available Nigerian GSM phone contacts)

  1. National GSM Database -21 million (Names, Gender, Number, LGA etc) = N100, 000
  2. National GSM phone numbers -91 million (Names, Number LGA etc.) = N150, 000
  3. Database of NYSC Members – 20,000 = N15, 000
  4. Database of School Owners – 80,000 = N25, 000
  5. Database of Teachers-15,000 = N10, 000
  6. Database of Engineers- 15,000 = N10, 000
  7. Database of Car Owners- 1Million = N50, 000
  8. Database of Pastors in Nigeria 23000 = N35, 000
  9. Database of CEO’s, Architects – 15,000 = N15, 000
  10. Database of DSTV/Telecoms staff- 50,000 = N25, 000
  11. Lagos street by street GSM numbers- 4 Million = N50,000
  12. 30 Universities student GSM database = N30, 000
  13. Oil and Gas workers = N25, 000
  14. Surulere business owners – 17,000 = N30, 000

Note: the minimum GSM phone number you can buy is N5,000 worth of numbers at N1 per number.

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  • Yes we have but GSM Phone number and email addresses of businesses/companies in Lagos state and other states in Nigeria.

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