Nigerian newspaper websites and blogs sites adverts rates


Online advertisement on Nigerian newspaper websites and major blogs sites Rates

Nigerian newspaper websites and major blogs sites offers businesses a good advertising platform, aside from advertising on the hard copies of the papers you can also advertise on the websites at an affordable price.

Cost of advertising on the various newspaper websites varies from paper to paper depending on the numbers of traffic to the website, some offer time based advertisement that is daily, weekly and monthly while others offer impression based advert rates.

Research has shown that Online advertisement is the most cost effective and impactful medium of advertising goods and services these days. This is because it is precise, measurable, and affordable and target oriented.

Nigeria blogs sites also have room for advertisement on their blog sites and the prices also vary from blog to blog, you can visit each of them for more details.

Even if you cannot afford to advertise on the regular printed copies of the Nigeria newspapers you can be sure that the online platform will be more affordable, because they have various pricing plan that accommodates both the big and small business in Nigeria.

To advertise you can reach them directory on their websites or pick up the hard copy to get the contact details

Top Nigerian Newspaper and online new sites

The Punch, Vanguard, the Guardian, Nigerian Tribune, the Sun, this Day, Leadership Nigeria, Daily Trust

PM News, Business day, The Nation, Daily Independent, National Mirror Newspapers, Daily Times,

Complete Sports, National accord, Nigerian Pilot, The Nigerian Observer, Business News, Hallmark Newspaper etc.


Top Online news websites in Nigeria

Premium Times, Information Nigeria, Daily Post, Sahara Reporters etc.


Top Nigerian Blogs sites,,,,,,,, tec.

Please note that the list is not exhaustive you can add others you know in the comment box.

But if advertising with them directly or reach them prove difficult do not forget that we have a platform that will enable you advertise on over 5000 websites including most of the above listed Nigerian newspaper and blog sites. is an online advertising platform that will enable you advertise on multiple websites at the same time and monitor all your adverts from single platform, most importantly it is very affordable compare to advertising individually.

Price for Nigerian newspaper websites and blog sites advertisement

Advertising Plans

You need to note that the result you will get with your online adverts will depend your budget, That is the reason we advise a sizable adverts budget or  you chose advertising plan that will give you the maximum result, we have different categories of plans to accommodate businesses of all sizes both the medium and the small businesses

Basic Plan

N0DurationEstimated ImpressionsEstimated ClicksCoverageCost
1Weekly250,000 Impressions2,300 ClicksNigeria or worldwideN50,000
2Monthly500,000 Impressions4,000 ClicksNigeria or worldwideN100,000
3Quarterly 1,500,000 Impressions12,000 ClicksNigeria or worldwideN315,000

Startup Business Plan

N0DurationEstimated ImpressionsEstimated ClicksCoverageCost
1Daily70,000 Impressions1000 ClicksNigeria or worldwideN15,000
2Weekly500,000 Impressions5,000 ClicksNigeria or worldwideN100,000
3Monthly2000,000 Impressions20,000 ClicksNigeria or worldwideN400,000
4Quarterly 6,000,000 Impressions65,000 ClicksNigeria or worldwideN1,200,000


N0DurationEstimated ImpressionsEstimated ClicksCoverageCost
1Daily125,000 Impressions1200 ClicksNigeria or worldwideN25,000
2Weekly875,000 Impressions8,400 ClicksNigeria or worldwideN170,000
3Monthly3,500,000 Impressions33,600 ClicksNigeria or worldwideN700,000
4Quarterly 10,500,000 Impressions100,800 ClicksNigeria or worldwideN2,000,000


N0DurationEstimated ImpressionsEstimated ClicksCoverageCost
1Daily250,000 Impressions2500 ClicksNigeria or worldwideN50,000
2Weekly1,750,000 Impressions17,500 ClicksNigeria or worldwideN350,000
3Monthly7,000,000 Impressions70,000 ClicksNigeria or worldwideN1,400,000
4Quarterly 21,000,000 Impressions210,000 ClicksNigeria or worldwideN4,000,000


N0DurationEstimated ImpressionsEstimated ClicksCoverageCost
1Daily500,000 Impressions5,500 ClicksNigeria or worldwideN100,000
2Weekly3,500,000 Impressions38,500 ClicksNigeria or worldwideN650,000
3Monthly14,000,000 Impressions154,000 ClicksNigeria or worldwideN2,500,000
4Quarterly 42,000,000 Impressions462,000 ClicksNigeria or worldwideN8,000,000

Note: The impressions and clicks above are estimated, which means you cannot get exactly the numbers listed above, it could be more or less the figures listed, Many factors determines the results you will get like your price per click or impressions and the sites you target with your adverts etc.

 For a customized plan to suite your budget you can call us on 07014039333, 08140806869

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