Linda Ikeji blog ( and Seun Osewa’s forum ( has always been Nigeria’s most visited websites before the emergent of E-Commerce in Nigeria.

Linda Ikeji blog ( formally is known for hottest news on News, Events, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Inspiration, Gossip Etc. on the other hand is a forum where users post anything under the earth like Politics, Crime, Career, Business, Investment, Romance, Jobs/Vacancies, NYSC, Programming, Education, Autos, Science/Technology, Webmasters, Computers, Phones etc.

The two websites has been chasing each other bumper to bumper, but I noticed a sudden plunge of from the 9th position according to to 17th position as at today 3rd September 2016, one cannot but wonder why Naira land has maintained it position but Linda Ikeji blog dropped  to 17th position.

The only thing I suspect is Alexa measuring system that was changed read more on Alexa Increases its Global Traffic panel and since Linda ikeji post alone with a few others and it cannot really stand the competition with naira land that has thousands of people posting different things every day.

Though not only was affected, most sites around the globe were effected and today Alexa is about how many unique content you can post, no longer just numbers of visit to your website or blog. You can read more on how to improve your Alexa ranking.

What lessons are there for online news sites owners, bloggers and others whose business revolves around the internet and who solely rely on adverts on their website to survive?

You must keep your eyes on the global trend so you will not be left behind, we did not relent and if you check out our Alexa ranking over the same period every other websites ranking was dropping our was improving by the day visit for details.

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