How to save 25% of your advertising budget and reach 100 million Nigerians online from a single platform

You can get your products and services across to over 100 million Nigerians online and save as much as 25% of your advertising budget monthly.

Nigeria internet users 2019

When you look at the graph above you will notice that internet users in Nigeria are a little above 100 million. Which makes internet a goldmine for every business.

Have you been taping into these golden opportunity the internet present to businesses in our time?

Do you also know that you can reach almost all internet users in Nigeria from one single platform?

Alternativeadvert.com has been able to make that possible, because we want to take the burden of managing online advertisement from you so you can concentrate on what you know how to do best.

From 15th to 18th April you will get as much as 25% discount on all your online advertisement on Facebook, google, Instagram and Nigerian newspaper websites and top blog sites.

The Online promotion discount are as follows

  1. Budget above 1 MILLION 25% DISCOUNT
  2. Budget above 500,000 20% DISCOUNT
  3. Budget above 100,000 15% DISCOUNT
  4. Budget above 50,000 10% DISCOUNT

How to save 25% of your online advertising budget 

1. Following the link to see our various Online adverts rates


2. When you make decision on budget call 08140806869 or 07014039333

Or signup by following the link Online advertising platform in Nigeria

Offer last from 15th to 18th April 2019

Below are some Benefits of online advertisement for businesses

  1. Measurable and Well-Automated
  2. Cost Effective & Time Effective
  3. Better Brand Engagement with 24/7 Brand Optimization
  4. Broad and Global Reach- Not restricted to one region or area, but can also target a particular location
  5. Powerful in Demographic Targeting, Provides Real-Time Result and ensure Quick & Convenient Service Delivery
  6. Helps in Follow Ups and let marketers maintain an After Sales Relationship

Also get over 70% discount on all Nigerian email addresses and GSM Phone number database of various categories of people and businesses in Nigeria, click here for details 

For more information call 08140806869 or 07014039333

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