Phone number generator and Nigerian phone numbers database

Free Phone number generator or phone number extractor that would help you generate millions of Nigerian phone numbers database for instantly

You can Generate GSM phone numbers in Nigeria with our free GSM phone number generator; our phone number extractor helps you generate millions of GSM phone numbers of Nigerian for free.

Free Random Generator generates the number randomly and does not generate the same number twice, this code is good for a marketer who wants to generate a mobile phone number for their marketing purpose

The sequential Phone number generator generates numbers based on the initial number entered at the prompt, and it generate numbers from all Nigerian GSM providers like MTN, Airtel Nigeria, Glo, and Etisalat Numbers.

The challenges are

    1. You cannot generate numbers by states and local government
    2. You cannot extract phone numbers by categories like Business people, professionals, students, job seekers, traders etc. Because the number and are randomly generated.
    3. You cannot guarantee that the numbers are all valid since the software generate randomly both active and inactive numbers.

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The good news is that if you want a valid and authentic Nigerian phone numbers database of people living and working in Nigeria we can provide them because we have manually gathered millions of numbers over the years.

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