Lists of companies in Nigeria and email address of companies in Lagos

Lists of companies in Nigeria and email address and phone numbers of companies in Lagos, most accurate and authentic Nigerian phone numbers database and email contacts of businesses and individuals grouped by various categories

Get the- updated 2019 Nigeria GSM phone number database

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Have you failed to achieve the desired result in any of your digital marketing campaigns?- The reason you failed woefully is that you did not have the right contacts or you targeted the wrong audience.

There are so many people out there that claim to have GSM Phone numbers and email contacts database in Nigeria, but the majority of the database are junks and unverified contacts.

We do not just provide you genuine and verified GSM phone numbers and Email databases of people living and working in Nigeria.

We also provide you with the platform to send your message. Listed below are the available Email database and phone number database.

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Lists of companies in Nigeria-

100,000 CEOs, Top Business and Organizations

131,000 SME Contacts, Email, Number, Company name, Address etc.

100,000 Lagos Contacts

300,000 Top Ecommerce Customers

100,000 Top bank customers

140,000 High connected individual and corporate organization in Nigeria

300,000 Lagos students email addresses

65,536 Nigerian Emails nationwide

2,000 Top bankers emails

22,000 Gsm/Email Lagos Execs

To see the complete list and prices follow this link- 90 million GSM Phone number and 5, 000,000 Email address Database in Nigeria

GSM Phone number Database

(Available Nigerian GSM phone contacts)

1. National GSM Database -21 million

2. Database of NYSC Members – 20,000

3. Database of School Owners – 80,000

4. Database of Teachers-15,000

5. Database of Engineers- 15,000

6. Database of Car Owners- 1Million

7. Database of Pastors in Nigeria, “ 23000

8. Database of CEO’s, Architects – 15,000

9. Database of DSTV/Telecoms staff- 50,000

10.Lagos Street by street- 4 Million

11. 30 Universities student GSM database

12. Oil and Gas workers

23.17,000 Surulere Biz owners

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  • Please this gsm phone numbers and email database for corpers, how updated is it? And can I get the database of the currently serving corp members state by state?

  • For the fact that out of the several reviews or comments there is no negative review should mean that they database are good, looking at several categories of GSM phone number and email addresses i strongly think they know what they are doing

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