Alternative Adverts provides one of the best White Label ad serving platforms

If you want to own an online advertising network without the hassle of creating or generating your own technology, we have the solution you can plug into.

You can create your own ad network, “ manage and track any number and type of advertisers, publishers, and campaigns

Our ad server support all creative types ,“ and our integrated content management system and content delivery network support banners, video overlay ads, rich media and 3rd party JavaScript & HTML tags

You can create your own brand, “ your logo and network name, your domain name and ad server domain names in ad tags.

Alternative adverts white Label Solution brings your business one step ahead of your competitors. With our advanced contextual targeting technology, it empowers advertisers, publishers, ad agencies and networks to partner up and drive up traffic and profits!

By Joining Alternative Adverts White Label Solution, you have the freedom to customize your company’s information including the login interface and the company’s logos.

Our adserver has retargeting features, Retargeting feature which allows advertisers to target website visitors so they can reach them specifically, with ads tailored to their level of interest. Retargeting allows advertisers to follow up with their best prospects.

Full access to over 5,000 existing publishers, Alternative Adverts Ad server is a complete online advertisement portal that will allow you instant access to over 5000 existing publishers including some of the top newspaper websites and major blogs.

Key Feature of Our White Label Solution:

Customized Advertisers & Publishers member area interface with your business logo

Support for CPC, CPM, CPV, CPI Cost Metrics

Inline Text Links, Text Links, Banners, Popunders and Interstitial

Real-Time Complete and timely Ad Serving & Traffic Report

A wide range of Optimization tools

Fully integrated email broadcasting system

Click Fraud Prevention Technology

Professional support via emails, live support, phone and tickets

We can provide your advertisers with the following Targeting Option:

Keyword targeting in a different language

Publisher site targeting

100 countries geo-targeting

Run of network advertising

Network targeting

Alternative Adverts White Label Solution Requirements

Intending white label users are carefully vetted for their ability to effectively serve the local merchants or small and medium businesses. They must also meet the following requirements:

Good understanding of Online Advertising

Experience in servicing and supporting businesses

For more details on White Label ad serving platform  call +2348140806869, +2347014039333

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