Adwords or Google AdWords Nigeria to Alternative Adverts Nigeria

I want to do a little comparism between Google AdWords to Alternative Adverts.

Adwords or Google AdWords as it is often called is an online advertising service that allow an advertiser to compete to display brief advertising copy to web users, it is often based in part on cookies, keywords, predefined by the advertisers during advertisement setup, that might link the copy to the content of web pages shown to users also known as a landing page.

Web pages from Google and other partner websites are designed to enable Google adwords to select and display this advertising copy. Advertisers pay when users click on the advert to get more details about the products or services being advertised. The partner websites receive a portion of the income they generate on every clicks or impressions on their website.

Alternative Advert which is another advertising network that originated from Nigeria also work in exact way Google AdWords work, but with even more benefits because the company is on ground in Nigeria and help advertisers plan the online advertisement campaign and even design the creative.

Adwords or Google AdWords and Alternative Adverts has in a way simplified online advertisement, instead of an advertisers to go to individual website owners to place adverts, which is usually very expensive and time consuming a business owner can now advertise on thousands of websites from a single platform and monitor the same adverts from a single account.

What are the few differences?


Adwords or Google AdWords charges in dollars even in Nigeria, Alternative Adverts also charges in dollars but the deference is that Adwords will charge based on the bank rate, today for example bank charge at N375 per $1, but Alternative Adverts charge at N285 per $1 and alternative advert clients can pay in naira into their Nigeria naira account.


Google AdWords has many customers the competition is higher compared to alternative Adverts clients; sorry I did not mention the bidding process at the beginning, to advertise on either of the platforms advertisers need to set the amount they wish to pay per click (Each time a user click on your advertise online) or per impressions (Each time a user view your adverts online)


Google AdWords has many advertisers the bidding is most time higher when compared to Alternative Adverts, the reason is simple in an auction the highest bidder win, that is what happened with online advertisement the ads with the highest bid is given more preference than the once with lesser bid, and because everyone want his ad to be seen they tend to bid higher than the next person they by pushing up the bid, sometime it can cost as much as $1.5 or more per click to get your adverts into some of the major newspaper website and blog sites in Nigeria. But using Alternative Adverts you can get your adverts into the major Nigerian newspaper websites and blog sites from $0.25 because the competition is lower.


Alternative adverts being an indigenous company with office in Lagos and representative in other states offer more support than Google AdWords, Adwords could have wished to do the same but owing to the large customer base they have to attend to it is practically impossible to do so, and that is another big advantage with Alternative Adverts because they can help you plan your online advertising campaign from start to finish and even design the banners and upload it.

Adwords or Google AdWords and Alternative Adverts are the way to go these days for any one that wishes to advertise online.

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One Thought on “Google AdWords Nigeria to Alternative Adverts Nigeria”

  • Google adwords is great but i agree with you that Alternative Adverts is a better alternative, because paying $1.5 (N562.5) per click in Nigeria with what is happening between Naira and dollar is not something a wise business person will like to do, Google adwords has a wider reach but most business in Nigeria basically want to reach Nigerians at home and abroad which is what Alternative Adverts try to do from the little i know about them.

    Couple with the facts that Alternative Adverts is on the ground and ready to help plan the campaign and even design the creative, I think Alternative Adverts is ideal for Nigerian Businesses

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