If you have been left behind when it comes to online advertising, then you should start doubling your efforts. If you are of the belief that online advertising is wasting your money, please kindly think again and if you have not familiarized yourself with advertising online, then please you need to do so as soon as possible.

Here are six candid reasons you should be advertising online.

1.       Targeting

Online advertising gives you the ability to target and retarget the ideal prospects, once you know what your customers look like, you will know just who to target and where to find users online, just ensuring that your message is in front of the right people at the right time.

2.       Flexibility

Online advertising gives you the flexibility to respond to incoming data and make changes instantly. It shows you how to stay in front of your customer, anticipate their needs and adjust your ads before anyone notices it.

3.       Reach

Online advertising gives you the ability to reach your audience, because your ads will be working for you 24 hours a day. Your customers will know more about your products and services sooner rather than later.

4.       Cost

Online advertising campaigns is often cheaper than traditional offline advertising like television, radio etc,, it gives you the ability to adjust your cost very easily based on the performance of your campaign but in the offline world, once you have paid there is no room for adjusting your cost.

5.       Brand awareness

online advertising can be used to build brand awareness, you can use your advertisement to establish your online presence, make an emotional connection and be creative. It also enables you to focus on your ideal audience.

6.       Insight

Advertising online provides you with endless insight, allowing you to become an effective marketer. The analytics available with advertising online will allow you to see  the exact cost of converting and acquiring a customer.

Online advertising is an important element of a marketing mix, it provides you with customer insights, numerous benefits, lower cost and great targeting. It gives you the opportunity to give your customers the attention they deserve.

Have you failed to achieve the desired result in any of your digital marketing campaign? The reason you failed woefully is because you did not have the right contacts or you targeted the wrong audience.

Digital marketing is a broad term but I want to narrow the article to the online media (Email marketing, mobile marketing (SMS), Display ads, Social media marketing and content marketing) on this part.

Advertisement in general requires proper planning and budgeting, in other to get the desired result . Clients are advised to plan long term campaign (s) like six months, one year or minimum of three months campaign.

Today because of the flexibility of digital marketing (Online advertisement) individuals and organizations no longer do a proper marketing campaign.

If you have failed to achieve the desired result in your digital marketing campaign you need to ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Did you plan the campaign properly?
  2. Was it handled by a competent marketing company?
  3. If it was handled by a competent advertising agency did you listen to their advice?
  4. If you managed the campaign yourself did you make research to ensure you are doing the right thing?
  5. Was the time right and was the period the campaign ran long enough?
  6. Was the right audience targeted or did you just cast the net into the ocean hoping to catch a big fish?
  7. Did you create a landing page and check to ensure the Landing page will convert before you started the campaign or did you just direct users to your website?
  8. Did you allot a reasonable amount of money to the campaign?
  9. Did the campaign run on the right platform where you can reach your target audience?
  10. What was the goal of the campaign, was it for awareness or conversion e.g. sales, registration etc.?

It is said that -if you fail to plan you will plan to fail, before you start any digital marketing campaign (Online advertisement) always ask yourself the ten questions above if you want to get the desired result.

Many believes that miracle happen online but it is not true, advertisement generally are expensive that is why only those who have money always win. Though online provide a level playing field since the SMEs cannot afford advert slots on the national newspapers, radio or television they can at least be present online.

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