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Dedicated internet is meant for corporate organizations, churches, and schools with multiple employees and multiple pcs, and the cost is usually from N170, 000 per month

Do you know not all internet connections are equal? Especially when considering the advantages of dedicated internet access services. Ever gotten frustrated with completing simple online tasks like browsing or sending email? Then you know what a slow internet connection is.

A slow connection is just one of the issues that can be avoided by taking advantage of a good internet service from a reliable dedicated internet service providers. The right solution will provide high-speed, dedicated internet access to your business, as well as better customer support, increased reliability, and better security.

Dedicated internet access guarantees that your company is always receiving the maximum bandwidth that you’re paying for.

Shared connection means that you’re sharing your maximum bandwidth with other people, your internet speed will fluctuate. Speeds can be unpredictable throughout the day. Essentially, it all depends on the internet provider’s network traffic. These issues are avoided with dedicated internet access, as your company doesn’t have to share bandwidth with anyone,”ever. It is a dedicated connection with dedicated bandwidth.

Why choose Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated internet access is mostly patronized by businesses / organizations who desire to utilize the internet in their own space, not having to bother about slow internet connection like shared internets access .

  • Uncontended service

A dedicated internet line is uncontended, that means you’re not competing with anybody else for the resources available; it’s all for your business. As a result, your internet speeds are reliable, consistent and very, very fast.

  • Symmetric uploads and download

If you’re considering a shared internet access agreement, understand that download speeds are going to be significantly faster than upload speeds. This is also one of the key differences when comparing internet services like DSL vs Cable vs Fiber. Shared internet access is set up this way. Not because Internet Service Providers are trying to take advantage, but because there is usually a higher demand from people using private networks for downloading versus uploading.

  • Control

In short, a dedicated internet connection gives you more control. That’s the control to ensure the productivity of your staff remains unaffected by sluggish connections during peak times and control over the technical capabilities of your organization.

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