Have a website already or you are planning to have one soon, this traffic strategy is a must if you are serious about building a profitable website that makes money on autopilot.

This Traffic Source Is The life blood Of Your Website

Let me repeat the above statement again in a more easy to digest sentence before I drive the point home.

If you already own a website on the internet and you want it to generate steady income for you, then the number #1 thing you need to focus on right now is how to consistently drive traffic to your website on a frequent basis.

And this is not just any kind of traffic.

You want hyper targeted website visitors who are extreemely hungry for, and interested in your information.

Now think about it this way.

You have a terrible headache on a very hot afternoon and just took a break from work to get some relief.

You were just a few step away from your desk when someone flashed before your face a blister pack of Panadol. What will you do?

Well, I think I can guess this one.

You would grab it with your two hands like a monkey would grab a banana right?

This is practically what happens when hyper targeted traffic is flowing to your website. They are so hungry and in great need of your information that they just can’t stop coming back for it.

And I am about to show you right now how to start getting this kind of traffic for FREE using a blog.


Consistently posting high quality content on your blog using search engine optimization(SEO) keywords will dramatically push your website up the search engines results.

Let me put this into perspective for you.

Your website is selling groceries for example.

Someone types in the search engine “How to cook fried rice” and BOOM! the website africanbites pops up on the search result like in the picture below.

Notice how this brand African Bites already have a post ready on their blog made on how to cook fried rice. When you click on their link you are taken to their website to read the blog post.

Imagine the amount of traffic this brand is scooping from search engines just by having great content on that subject ready on their blog.


Again, consistently putting out valuable contents on your blog sets you apart as an authority in your business niche, builds trust and credibility with your readers and make them want to buy from you.

This also is a great way to keep visitors coming back often to your website.


There is more indeed to driving quality traffic to your website with your blog content that actually grabs readers attention and turn them into regular readers and fans for life.

And another smart way is to find an authority blog site in your business niche who knows what they are talking about.

Comment often on their blog posts and leverage their blog’s audience to drive traffic to your own website.

I am not asking you to jump from one blog to another and start spamming them.

Far from it…

There is a more professional way to do this, and if you have a business online


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And the question is…


If you do…

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