You’ve been through the early stages of researching, developing and testing your products. The packaging is ready, the branding is perfect. You feel you’re good to go and now ready to start selling your products to the market. Just before you take that giant step, take a look at these easy steps that will help you launch your product like a pro and claim your share of the market.

Launching a new product is much harder than it sounds because even if your product is exceptional or revolutionary, you still have to scale through the ordeals of getting your messages out there to your customers which definitely involves other critical issues like overcoming customer doubts, getting ahead of the competition and setting a price that makes you good profit without turning off potential customers.

Getting your product to the market requires you knowing your product and market intimately, applying yourself and making do with your best ideas, and thinking outside the box

Regardless of whether your product is tangible or intangible or if it’s even yourself you’re trying to market. The same strategies and steps apply.

Here are 3 Steps to Get Your Product in to the Market.

  1. 1.Have a Marketing Plan.

Creating an excellent plan is where it all begins. A plan gives you a blueprint that informs what you want to achieve, how, the time frame and the cost attached to it. Performing several marketing activities without a structured plan is like beating around the bush and hoping your activities yield desired efforts. If you overlook this critical process, you will pay dearly for it in sales, later.

Start with finding if there’s a market for your product. If there is, get the most recent market synopsis for your business. Also, speak to others who run business like yours and ensure your plan includes

  • Product description
  • Target Market
  • Customer Demographics
  • Price
  • Competition
  • Promotion
  • Advertising
  • Profit Percentage
  • Product Guarantee
  • Product/liability Insurance
  • Budget

Step Two

2. Set a Launch Date

That’s what big companies do and that’s why their products do well in the market. They set a launch date and keep whetting your appetite with adverts until you’re anticipating for your product. When exactly is your product going on a shelf, in a store, a rack in front of a audience or online? Decide and put it writing.

Apart from helping potential customers anticipate the launch of your products, setting a launch date also gives you something to aim at and helps keep you accountable.

The launch date is typically set far ahead an intensive marketing effort ahead. Setting a launch date six months in advance is the minimum for a strong marketing campaign, anything lesser would compromise your efforts and results, suggested Fran Briggs a marketing copywriter and blogger at the balance

While the launch date is set, go all out and publicize your products. Any medium that will guarantee you getting in the face of your clients will do.

People will only buy what they know about.

3. Hire a Digital Marketing agency.

Digital marketing has changed the way the world buys and sells and no matter how great your products are or how excellent your plan is; if you will sell to people in the 21st century and get the best from your campaigns, it become non-negotiable that you hire a professional agency. They know the channels and strategies that can get you the highest returns on investment. If you’re to hire an agency, make sure you go for the best. Beware of those who make extra-ordinary promises and deliver little or no result at the end of the day.

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