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Hi, I’m Grace.

Enough of the 24/7 negative news cycle on our Radio, TV, Newspaper, and Online.

Enough of the fear.

It is time to turn Covid 19 pandemic to your business advantage since coronavirus has reduced chances of meeting new customers/clients face to face, it is the right time to try reaching your lesser targeted new customers/clients online wherever they are!

Because more people are at home and always with their devices, it is a good reason to reach your prospective customers/clients online.

I am sure you need more customers/clients even in this trying time?

What if I can help you to double or triple your sales in 2020?

Today my friend, you’re tuned into 98.9 optimistic FM.

And look, yes, there is no denying we’re living in some pretty uncertain times.

However, this too shall pass.

And the choice you must make is this…

What will you choose to do with this time?

Because you’ll never get it back.

So today, my good friend…

Like a ray of sunshine in a storm…

I’m going to give you a strategy to propel your company forward in these testing times.

And look, for the record.

I’m very optimistic.

I would much rather search for opportunities, than stare at problems.

Just like what Sam Walton (founder of Walmart the third-largest retailer in the US) had to say when asked how he has thrived during an economic contraction.

“I’ve thought about it, but I have chosen not to participate.”

And I too, have chosen not to participate…

So let’s get down to some brass tacks.

Of how you can actually thrive during this time.

Now, so you understand where this is coming from…

I’m in a very unique position.

Because I have a rare vantage point of working with thousands of clients, in hundreds of industries.

And I get to see the inner workings of so many businesses…

Right now, I can see some of our clients are taking off like a rocket ship…

While others are struggling during this contraction.

And it all boils down to what is referred to in the VC community as…

You’re either selling candy, vitamins or painkillers.

Candy – a nice-to-have that people enjoy but don’t solve a burning problem.

Vitamins – They generally have a positive impact over time, but they’re not “urgently needed”.

Even though they might be good for you…

If you don’t take any vitamins this week, this month or even this year, you may not notice any real downside.

Pain-killers – offer an immediate solution to a critically important and pressing problem, that needs to be alleviated pronto!

I.e. Feel pain → take a painkiller.

And It’s in times like these that you don’t want to position your offer as anything other than a painkiller.

Think about it this way, If you’re feeling crippling physical pain, you tend to focus on finding a painkiller solution immediately.

You’re not going to waste much time doing a lot of research or price shopping.

You just want a solution to your urgent problem.

And as the economy contracts…

The opportunity lies is in converting your vitamin offer into a painkilling solution.

And what I’ve learned from working with so many businesses, is a vitamin offer can be turned into a painkiller solution.

In fact, your product or service may be part vitamin, part painkiller and part candy at the same time.

Depending on who is using it and when.

So what you need to do is think about how you’re positioning your offer.

That is, how you’re positioning your product or service.

I.e. You might be in the property investment space.

Traditionally you might be positioning your offer as a vehicle to build long-term wealth.

That’s a vitamin offer.

And you can sell vitamins when the economy is all fine and dandy.

However, when people are uncertain – that just won’t cut the mustard.

As it’s not solving an immediate problem.

So let’s take a look at how we could use this economic climate to reposition your business.

Well, as a part of this economic ‘hiccup’ the banks have slashed interest rates.

Money is cheaper than ever.

This opens up the market to create a painkilling offer.

You can bring all those people that have been sitting on the sidelines into the game.

Because they thought they had missed the property boom.

The ship had sailed.

And that things were no longer affordable.

But now you can position your offer as creating a new, unique and never ever see or heard of the opportunity.

Pulling those buyers into the market.

These are people who would have never taken action previously.

Your offer repositioned like this provides your market with an immediate solution to a pressing and unique opportunity.

Do you see how this is completely different?

How powerful this can be?

I hope so.

Another example is a client in the meal delivery service, their sales quadrupled.

Because their offer went from being a vitamin i.e. convenient, not needing to cook and clean.

To becoming a painkiller, as people started panic buying all the food in supermarkets.

The lesson here.

Think about how you can position your offer to solve an immediate solution to a pressing problem.

Or enabling a unique opportunity created by this contraction.

But just know this…

When consumers and businesses get back to their normal routines, we’re going to see a V-shaped rebound driven by pent-up consumer demand.

And the companies that will be positioned to take advantage of this will be the ones who didn’t stop moving and shaking.

My advice.

Get on the offensive and use this opportunity to advance your company.

Invest in yourself.

Invest in your business.

Advance when others are retreating…

If you don’t know what to don’t worry that is where we come in, we can help position your business as a painkiller these trying times.

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