BRT Bus Advertising in Lagos

BRT bus advertising is a means of mobile advertising in Lagos, Nigeria. BRT bus advertising is one of the modern means of advertising in the most populous city in Nigeria. Since its inception in Lagos in 2008, it has been one of the major means of transportation within Lagos that is swift and comfortable.

The BRT Bus has been on fast-rising ever since with more people patronizing and using it as their means of transportation and then it became a means of advertising to the large crowd through customizing and branding of the buses and BRT Television.

This channel of advertising conveys over 1,000 different campaigns monthly since its inception.

BRT BUSES advertising in Lagos has proven to be one of the most effective and efficient means of outdoor advertising in Lagos because a large number of Lagos residents spend a majority of their time Outdoor and mostly inside traffic.



There are two major types of BRT BUSES in Lagos and the cost of advertising on BRT BUSES varies according to the number of buses you want to brand.

The cost of advertising on BRT BUSES differ also depending on the type of BRT BUSES you prefer to use for your targeted audience, the prices thereby differs;



These are the debut buses in Lagos. They cover virtually major Lagos route: From Ikorodu to Ajah Lekki . The RED BRT bus advertising has the widest brand space of all the other BRT BUSES available.

The cost of advertising on the Red BRT bus that shuttles Lagos Mainland is about 95,000naira and above per bus per month which excludes Printing and Wrapping Cost. Printing and Wrapping Cost is about 40,000naira and above

The cost of advertising on the RED BRT BUS is slighter higher. The reason is because of the quality of the audience your advert will attract in Lagos Island compared to those on the mainland.



They are more mobile and offers more luxury and are more expensive to advertise on than the RED BUSES. They are mainly from Ikorodu-Tbs. These BUSES are commuters’ favorites because of the comfort it offers.

The cost of advertising or branding of a Blue Bus is slightly higher than the red BRT buses.

The Blue BRT BUS conveys an average of 54 seating capacity. Fully air-conditioned and they cover major transportation routes of Lagos.

These BRT BUSES are set to make transportation in Lagos more comfortable and easy.



BRT Bus Branding & Transit advertising is an effective and cost-efficient form of massive targeted audience exposure and outdoor advertising.

It offers a great way to get to your urban audience and get your message throughout the city of Lagos as your branded BRT buses circulate major parts of the city with your creative message which will be seen multiple times by thousands of your target audience including drivers, pedestrians, motorists and daily commuters in Lagos.

  1. It reduces a lot of congestion that comes with traffic, it improves a lot of air quality and meets the needs of the motorists, majorly of the less privileged and poor masses in Lagos.
  2. It is a roadway-based system that behaves like a subway, giving a high capacity rapid transit services which has its dedicated lanes to make transportation easier.
  3. Guarantees a fast and reliable travel time, BRT systems run at faster speeds than the conventional buses in Lagos which face regular traffic and BRT buses are way faster.
  4. BRT systems can provide riders with more reliable travel time.



To brand BRT BUSES in Lagos requires you to consider a few things like the cost, the reach and the length of time the advert will run.

Advertisers can display their innovative prowess by designing creative adverts to reach their target audience. To brand a BRT BUS you have to bring out the best creativity to attract the right audience.

This medium gives advertisers opportunities to play around different elements within the vehicle. This type of advertisement combines both sound and visual to reach their audience.

It serves as a way out to the transportation challenges faced by commuters within the city. Many passengers board these buses because they are very cheap when compared with the traditional yellow public buses. LED screens have been put in these BRT buses which gives the advertisers an advantage and an edge to reach their audience.


In-transit ads are very cost-effective and they are more affordable for small and medium scale businesses that do not have the means to run a lot of marketing campaigns.


In transit, ads are a superb way to advertise your products and services to thousands of consumers daily. One BRT bus loads an average of about 1,000 passengers daily and about 3.6 million passengers monthly thereby giving advertisers the opportunity to reach a large and diverse audience. Also, advertisers can attract new customers while keeping tabs on their existing consumers.


The importance and effectiveness of BRT Bus Branding

This unique advertising medium enables advertisers to communicate with consumers on a one on one level thereby giving them the opportunity to influence consumer’s buying decisions.

Studies have revealed that people tend to make most of their shopping decisions when they are on the move. In transit, advertising is a great way to break into the thoughts of your consumers and potential clients and direct their attention to your products and services.

The ability of in-transit advertising in improving brand identification and recall among consumers cannot be over-emphasized.

In transit, advertisement gives the advertiser an option for advertisers who do not have the resources to advertise on Television. To advertise on television is usually very expensive to run, however, since the LED screens have been put on the buses are like small television sets, advertisers can now reach multiple audiences simultaneously at a cheaper. cost.

The advertiser has a way of controlling his audience which some other media of ads do not give. Consumers can’t tune into another station or go to the kitchen to prepare a meal while your advert is running. Your advert will be put in the midst of other entertaining content such as movie scenes, videos, news, and football results and so on. This guarantees large viewership of your advert because people will be more in tuned.

In transit, BRT BUSES is a unique advertising medium that encompasses all other advertising media such as Television, Radio and Print. It converges the features of traditional media and affords advertisers the luxury of running an advertising campaign without much stress.

The importance and effectiveness of BRT Bus Branding and Advertising cannot be undermined in Nigeria, especially Lagos.

The BRT BUSES uniqueness lies in the fact that it goes out to meet its customers as against its, Wall drapes, Light-boxes, Unipolar and other Bus Shelter counterparts that are stationed in one place.

Bus branding is a cost-effective way to turn the promotional bus into a professional and high impact, mobile advertisement. Wherever the bus travels within Lagos you’ll be building the brand or promoting the campaign.

It also provides your business with a moving advertisement at very affordable prices. It is, therefore, safe to say that BRT Bus Branding is an intelligent investment when it comes to advertising.

These buses are branded on two sides (both) ends, and even the rear is used for advert branding, making other motorists and people around see the message that you are passing across.

Inside the BRT buses are three panels located at the top of the staircase, so passengers cannot but see the messages anytime they board or alight from the bus?

Also, there is a panel above the seats inside the bus which runs the advertiser’s message continuously, so that the passengers have no choice but to keep re-reading the messages, and this goes a long way in storing it up in their memories.

Bus Branding has some great advantages, and they are:

• it is relatively cheaper as it has a much wider reach than other means of advertising.
• This medium works constantly for you and creates more awareness of your brand both day and night.
• It carries your message where it matters most, and it is imperative for advertisers to choose routes that suits their targeted customers.
• It provides total market penetration. The advert reaches a heterogeneous class of people at the same time.
• It offers high awareness and visibility and of course constant repetition translating to a greater impact. The advert messages are big and clear, and when people see them for a long time, the messages stick.
• This medium builds products/services awareness within days, and this saves some extra cash that would have been spent on some other campaigns.



Bus branding is a medium of transit advertisement that fosters brand in creating visibility and awareness in their desired environment.

When doing a bus branding you need to select very catchy colors that grab attention and the advantage is that people cannot switch it off. Brands get exclusivity in their advertising space and it delivers much more results.

By putting your advertisement inside the bus you will be able to target commuters who are traveling in city buses and advertisements on the exterior will help you target others such as pedestrians and those traveling by car or other means of transportation simultaneously.

Who should use Bus Branding?

Bus Branding is used for targeting the masses. A brand that gives products or services for the Mass/ public can use the bus branding advertising medium to reach their audience.

On March 17, 2008, the Lagos state government started the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) it was largely supported by the World Bank.

The BRT system, provided a convenient and faster means of public transportation than the yellow buses and other regular transits in Lagos, has become inefficient. The new buses to be introduced into the system will help reduce the travails of mass transit passengers.

From the point of view of out-of-home (OOH) advertising companies, the increase in the number of buses will present an opportunity to harness more touchpoints for strategic brand marketing. Buses and bus terminals are very effective when it comes to outdoor advertising.

The buses provide exterior and interior advertising spaces, while the terminal buildings and surroundings are also platforms to advertise. Placing adverts in public transportation vehicles on transits is what is referred to as transit advertising.


Airports, railways stations, bus terminals, street lights, toll plazas, buses, taxes, and trains are ideal places for transit advertising because they provide high awareness and visibility for brands (products and services) on a daily basis.

This form of outdoor advertising is effective because it is hard to ignore. For example, it is easy for some people to change channels when a commercial is aired on television or radio that they do not want to watch or listen to.

Lagos state has an edge with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) estimated at $91 billion, Lagos State remains the economic hub of Nigeria and the technologies used in Lagos is better improved by the day.

The government could look at providing a competitive bidding process to choose outdoor service providers that will deploy signage across all the terminals.

Transit advertising is considered a major element when it comes to outdoor advertising system. It is also evolving more and faster way beyond traditional advertisement as new innovative technologies help advertisers to include digital/advanced signage, such as LED and LCD screens for adverts. A large number of BRT buses have LCD screens presently installed in them. There are also advertisements that are interactive which allows customers to scan a unique barcode with their phones.

In conclusion, BRT BUS advertising is one of the present day best mediums to get to your target audience and the cost of advertising in BRT BUSES in Lagos is affordable compared to other mediums of advertising. Therefore, it is advisable to try using this medium to advertise your product or services.