black Friday 2021 sales in Nigeria

How to beat your competitors with black Friday sales and increase sales and profit exponentially.

Learn how we helped a client make sales of over eighty million Naira (N80,000,000.00) using the same strategy.

Black Friday 2021 is on Friday 26 November.

Hurry Up!

But Black Friday deals are starting to roll out and companies like Amazon, Walmart, Google, Facebook, and Jumia, etc. have started their early black Friday day sales.

Here are four ways to beat your competitors with black Friday sales and increase sales and profit

  1. start early enough before your competitors.

While your competitors are waiting to start sales on Black Friday, starting your black Friday promo and sales before them will give you an advantage over them.

  1. Start advertising your black Friday sales before others.

If you don’t want to start sales early, start your black Friday promotion early to prepare the minds of your customers so they know that something is coming and eagerly anticipate it. That way you will be guaranteed to make lots of sales on Black Friday.

  1. Start gathering Prospective customers/clients’ data.

Don’t just advertise but be deliberate when you advertise, and create a funnel that will enable you to gather prospective customers/client data, so you can easily reach them either via email or SMS on Black Friday or any other day and offer them one discount or the other.

We used exact same strategy to help a client make sales of over eighty million Naira (N80,000,000.00) within one week.

  1. Choose the right advertising partner

Last but not the list, choose the right advertising partner to help promote your products or services this Black Friday and even the end of the year’s sales.

The number is one of the most important parts of the whole process, because if you get the rest three right but you are not able to reach the right kind of customers/client precisely and at the most cost-effective way, all your efforts will be a waste.

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