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Here at Alternative advert ltd we have been at the forefront of the race when it comes to the new media known as Online advertisement, digital advertising, Internet marketing, Digital marketing, social media marketing etc.

We have worked with brands like Airtel Nigeria, PZ Cussons, First Bank plc and First bank Insurance etc.

We have organized digital marketing and social media marketing training on both local and national level.

All the efforts did not go unnoticed by the search engine giant Google, that is why today we are rated as the No 1 Online advertising company and internet marketing agency in Nigeria.

We must admit that we wouldn’t have been able achieved that with the support of our numerous customers and publisher as well. Our gratitude also goes to the likes of like,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, and over 5000 other websites.

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We want to say thank you for being there for us all these years. We wouldn’t have achieved the height without your support and patronage. As our little way of saying thank you to both new and existing customers we are given out 25% discount for all our online advertising packages, visit the link for pricing details

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6 Thoughts on “No 1 Online advertising and internet marketing agency in Nigeria”

  • You guys are just dominating the internet as the leading digital marketing agency and online advertising company, enjoy it while it last because it might not be for ever

  • Dominating the internet as the leading digital marketing agency in Nigeria and No 1 online advertising company means that they know what they are doing, there are a thousand and one internet advertising agencies and social media marketing companies out there in Lagos, Abuja and other parts of Nigeria.

    Being able to stand out, is a plus for Alternative Adverts Ltd,

    I wish that one day they can compete on the international stage as one of the world leading digital marketing agency; it’s a pity that Nigerian startups can hardly go beyond the shores of Nigeria.

    I was marveled when I visited their online advertising portal (Adnetwork) the standard is like what is obtained, I really hope for the best for them.

  • We do online advertising from our platform you will be able to Advertise on over 2000 Major Newspapers Websites and Blog sites at an affordable price from a single platform, we also
    do E-mail marketing, Social media advert, Sms marketing, SEO, building of website, re-design of website and so many that concern digital marketing. You can reach us on 012931183,07014039333 or send us a mail

  • No 1 Online advertising and internet marketing agency in Nigeria is a big claim. I have heard a couple of other agencies make this claim. what actually makes you think you are actually number one apart from the google search ranking, do you get returns on investment for clients?

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