Facebook can be beneficial to  your business in which you can reach millions of Internet users in one place. Beyond that, you have the tools to choose the people you want to reach using various criteria to  ensure that only the people interested in your business will view your ad

Facebook Advertising According To Demographics

While many people complain about Facebook’s ever-evolving privacy policies related to users’ data, businesses can benefit tremendously from all the specific information available. Facebook uses the data that people provide and makes it available to businesses for advertising purposes. And Facebook users give away a lot of information, from where they live and work, their birthday, schools attended, to interests, hobbies, favorite movies and music.

If for example, you tell Facebook that you want to advertise to highly educated men, ages 20 to 35, living in Nigeria, who enjoy fishing, Facebook will show your advertisement specifically to those people. Of course, you can choose a broader target group. But by being able to design a target group according to various criteria, the chances of converting your Facebook advertising investment into profits will increase significantly.

When you create a facebook ad you can pick your target group according to location (country, state and city), age, gender, education level, relationship status, language, and likes and interests. You can choose your target group at step 2 during the ad creation process and once you select the criteria, Facebook will tell you how many people are in your target group.

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